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Blocked drains represent a substantial percent of drain issues. When your toilet won’t flush, the sink backs up, or your shower takes a long time to drain, they can impact your daily life. It’s critical to have them cleared as quickly as possible. A backed-up drain can be disastrous. The causes may be obstruction from a number of sources, like built-up sludge and debris, or even tree roots preventing water from flowing through. Tracing and resolving the cause of the clog requires the use of professional plumbing equipment and techniques. A licensed, professional plumber can get to the underlying cause of clogs using sophisticated equipment like in-line cameras. Once they discover the problem, they have the expertise to clear the blockage, repair any damage, and replace parts that are damaged beyond repair. They can install new pipes and water lines to make your plumbing system more efficient. One of the most important reasons to hire a professional to address any plumbing problems is code compliance. Licensed plumbers know the restrictions and standards in their jurisdiction, so all their work will be completed according to regional regulations. This eliminates the risk of failing a building inspection due to faulty plumbing.

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