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testimonialsSimplyGreen Plumbing was great! I found out the hard way that my laundry room washer hookup had been slowly leaking inside the wall, probably for years based on the amount of damage. Russell came out and assessed the problem, provided an estimate, and made a recommendation for another company that could do the drywall repair. When he came out for the estimate, I also had him replace an old hose faucet on the outside of the house. He put the cost of the hose fixture in with the larger laundry room repair and did not charge me for the two separate house calls. SimplyGreen Plumbing earned a customer for life!

–Mark S., San Jose


Professional crew. They kept focused from the minute they arrived. They accomplished the job the first time with zero retakes. The management kept me properly informed. SimplyGreen Plumbing was an excellent company to deal with. The drywall crew Russell recommended is due in the morning and I am certain their professionalism will exceed my expectations as well. P.S. I like the name… Thank you SimplyGreen Plumbing!

–Richard L., San Jose


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