4 Key Benefits of Hydro Flushing Your Sewer Lines and Drains

With more people working and learning from home, the pressure on home plumbing systems is at an all-time high. Besides the normal wear and aging that comes with time, pipes can easily become clogged with food particles, hair, and other debris.

For minor clogs, there are simple solutions including drain cleaners and plumbing snakes that can provide relief. However, there are times when an overwhelming amount of blockage stops the flow of water, which can shut down your system and lead to big repair bills.

When to Call a Plumber

While it seems like a drain backup happens all at once, usually it’s been developing over time. As a sticky sludge of grease, food particles, hair, and soap residue accumulate inside your drain pipes, the diameter of the pipe gradually narrows to a small opening.

When it gets to that point, even a small food scrap or other debris flushed down the drain may completely block all wastewater flow and cause a big plumbing problem. If do-it-yourself fixes like drain cleaners or plumbing snakes don’t solve the problem, it’s time to call an experienced plumbing professional.

Plumbers use a variety of methods to clear clogs including the use of plumbing snakes or augers. Although snaking is an effective method used to clear some of the debris causing clogs, it simply can’t remove all the buildup in your pipes. What remains easily captures more grease and debris.

Simply pushing clogs out of pipes doesn’t always resolve the actual cause of the blockage. That’s why hydro flushing (sometimes called hydro jetting) has become a popular and effective technique for clearing drains and pipes. Since this technique uses water instead of corrosive chemicals, hydro flushing is an eco-friendly solution for both residential and commercial properties.

clogged sink

How Hydro Flushing Works

Simply put, hydro flushing uses a hose to pump large amounts of pressurized water through a special nozzle that allows it to completely clear pipes of all debris. The strength of the hydro-jet easily clears the common build-up of hair, grease, minerals, and other residues.

Hydro flushing is also effective for clearing small tree roots as well as silt and sand buildup in pipes. If you have frequent clogs in your household plumbing, a professional hydro flushing service will eliminate all the debris in your lines and help prevent future plumbing problems.

4 Key Benefits of Hydro Flushing


Grease can be a big problem when it comes to proper pipe function. While other small debris and minerals have an easier time going down drains without getting clogged, grease sticks to the sides of pipes and builds up over time. This can be prevented by avoiding pouring any grease or fats down your drains in the first place, but if necessary, hydro jetting can be a simple solution to clear up accumulated grease.

Since grease buildup is a common problem in the foodservice industry. many restaurants routinely use hydro jetting services to clean and maintain their drains which prevents costly plumbing issues.


Over time, pipes naturally age and become weaker. The buildup of debris can add unnecessary stress to those aged pipes, so keeping them clear is essential. Older properties are particularly vulnerable to drain and plumbing clogs.

Hydro flushing can help extend the life of older pipes which helps you avoid expensive replacements as long as possible. A professional plumber can carefully inspect your pipes to determine if hydro flushing is appropriate for the age and condition of your system.


Clogged drains can cause several problems that are a pain to deal with and potentially very costly. The longer a clog persists, the more likely your system will develop leaks. A severe clog can even lead to broken pipes causing damage to your property and belongings. These plumbing emergencies are costly to resolve.

To help avoid these types of problems, getting a clog cleared as quickly as possible is critical. Hydro flushing is the fastest process plumbers can use to efficiently resolve a big clog and prevent costly damage and repairs.


If you find yourself having to deal with drain clogs on a regular basis, then hydro flushing is the ultimate solution. While most minor clogs can be taken care of with snaking methods or chemicals, these solutions are frequently only temporary. That means that more costly clogs may be in your future. If you want to prevent the chances of clogs recurring again and again, hydro flushing is likely the best solution.

Get a Professional Inspection before Hydro Flushing

If you’re considering hydro flushing for your home’s drains and pipes, be sure to have your pipes thoroughly and properly inspected by a trained plumber before having them cleared using a hydro jetting process. Some pipes may be too old or damaged to be able to handle the intense water pressure. Only an experienced professional can make that determination through a thorough onsite inspection.

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