About Us

The company was established in 1988 as an owner operator. Upon seeing the need for environmentally-friendly, sustainable plumbing products and services, the company became an accredited Green Plumbing contractor and SimplyGreen Plumbing was born.

SimplyGreen Plumbing was started when Russell (who has been in the Plumbing industry for 25+ years) and Lisa Green (who has been a GM for 25+ years) found that there was an essential need for plumbers who are service-oriented, trustworthy, dependable and reliable. Using the skills Lisa assiduously applied to management, Lisa & Russell created SimplyGreen Plumbing to bring true, honest plumbing back to the community.

Lisa, the President of SimplyGreen Plumbing Plumbing, Sewer & Rooter, structured the company with a focus on teamwork and a continuous commitment to strive for excellence in service. We are known for our industry involvement, supportive relationships with suppliers, dedication, and honesty. SimplyGreen Plumbing takes pride in its client base of over 500! We keep our customers’ best interests at heart by providing superior service, delivering quality technical support, and continuously exceeding our customers’ expectations.

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