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We all rely on our plumbing system to bring fresh water into our homes and take the wastewater away. As your home ages, it’s normal to have some plumbing problems along the way. Most of these problems will require a professional to solve them. Simply Green Plumbing is here to service the Campbell residential and commercial communities.

You don’t realize how much you rely on plumbing until an issue arises. Some problems come with potential dangers and are better left to the professionals at Simply Green Plumbing. We can do it all. We take great pride in our workmanship and the ability to get your home or business back to normal.

Common Plumbing Pipe Problems

Newer homes experience very few problems except for the occasional leak or blocked toilet. Homeowners in Campbell with older properties have pipes that are likely to fail or have been made of out of date materials.  Older plumbing pipes can be a liability in your home or business. Our job at Simply Green Plumbing is to get your home up to modern plumbing standards.

As well as the leaking of harmful contaminants, corrosion, rust, and poor performance, there are other common problems associated with older plumbing pipes.

Persistent Clogs

When plumbing pipes are old and outdated, they are more susceptible to persistent clogs Over the lifespan of a plumbing system, the pipes will accumulate a great deal of debris, such as sand, sediment, grit, grease, and grime that are lodging in hard to reach locations. If professional cleaning cannot prevent these clogs from returning, it’s time to update your plumbing pipes.

Cloudy Tap Water

When you turn on your water, it should be clear. If the water coming out of your tap is cloudy in appearance, you may have air in your pipes.  If you see an orange or brown tint, it may contain rust from corrosion in the plumbing pipes. If water running out of your faucet is green or blue, it means that the copper plumbing has corroded. If any of these colors come out instead of clear water, there’s a serious problem that could be harmful to you and your family.

Frequent Leaks

The water held in your Campbell home’s plumbing pipes is kept under pressure, and if the pipe is compromised, it can easily cause a leak. A minor leak may seem like a small issue, but even a tiny leak can release a large volume of water over time. Water damage is expensive to fix, and it will only get worse over time.

Pipes Knocking

Several causes can lead to knocking pipes while taking a shower or filling the bathtub. There could be loose valves in the pipe system or loose support straps. This can cause your pipes to shift in place. If left loose, a leak can occur, or the pipes may bend if they break free from their mountings.

We Can Handle the Tough Jobs in Campbell

Being aware of the common plumbing problems and solutions helps you know when to when to call a professional plumber. At Simply Green Plumbing, no job is too big or small for our experienced plumbers. We respond promptly and work efficiently for every job. Contact us today for any plumbing issues in your home or business.

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