Pros and Cons of Inground Sprinkler Systems

What homeowner doesn’t want a beautiful, well-manicured lawn? A lush lawn and attractive landscaping add both beauty and value to your home’s property. Landscaping that requires little maintenance is the goal for many busy homeowners. 

The secret to a beautiful landscape is finding the right balance of sun, fertilization and water. After investing time and money into plants, shrubs and trees, it’s important to make sure they receive the right amount of water to flourish. 

The process of watering cannot only be time consuming but ineffective if done incorrectly. An irrigation system takes the guesswork out of watering and is a popular addition to homes and businesses. If you’re tired of stringing garden hoses across your yard, you may be considering an inground sprinkler system.

Are Inground Sprinkler Systems Worth It?

Choosing an inground irrigation system is about convenience, efficiency and water conservation. Like any major purchase, inground sprinkler systems have several advantages and a few drawbacks homeowners need to consider before making a decision.


  • Convenience

    After the installation is complete, inground sprinkler systems are the easiest way for homeowners to water their lawns. Watering with a hose or manual sprinkler requires planning and a lot of time. With an inground sprinkler system, you simply schedule it to run when and how long you want, and you’re finished. Some sprinkler systems can now be controlled with a smartphone app giving homeowners even more convenience and control.
  • Healthy Landscape

    Depending on your climate and soil conditions, your lawn may need between 30-60 minutes of watering several times a week. Too much or too little water can result in an unhealthy landscape. With a properly scheduled automatic sprinkler system you can ensure that your landscaping receives the right amount of water with little to no waste.
  • Eco-Friendly

    An inground sprinkler system allows you to reduce the amount of water you use for your lawn and garden. A well planned system helps eliminate expensive runoff of residential water. Installing eco-friendly irrigation systems that are used properly keeps water waste to a minimum and saves money on water bills. With many states and municipalities adopting water saving measures, an in-ground sprinkler system can help you meet those requirements.
  • Resale Value

    You may love to do yard work but not everyone feels the same way. Most potential buyers want a yard that is easily maintained and easy to keep up. A professionally installed sprinkler system that is convenient to use is an attractive asset especially if your home is on a large lot.


  • High Installation Cost

    The amount you’ll spend on a sprinkler system depends on the size of your yard and the features you want. In addition to the actual system components, portions of the yard have to be dug up to install piping and attach the system to the home’s plumbing. After installation, the yard and landscaping will need to be repaired. All of this can easily add up to several thousand dollars depending on the size of the project.
  • Over-Watering

    Sometimes homeowners truly “set it and forget it” which can lead to overwatering. If you are receiving a lot of rainfall and don’t adjust the sprinkler system, you can easily end up over watering your lawn. This isn’t good for your lawn or your water bill. Luckily, there are water sensor options that can help prevent this from happening.
  • Repairs

    Over time, sprinkler heads can become misdirected and start watering sidewalks, driveways and streets. Problems with pooling, soggy spots and leaks can also occur. Most of these problems can be corrected with simple adjustments or minor repairs.  

    Underground pests including moles, voles and gophers not only dig up your yard, they can damage inground sprinkler systems. Depending upon the type of damage, repairs can be costly so controlling underground pests is important.
  • Maintenance

    In addition to repairs, seasonal maintenance is required to prevent damage from freezing and water leaks. Some homeowners are comfortable doing this on their own while others hire a professional to take care of annual maintenance.

DIY or Professional Installation?

A properly installed inground sprinkler system can be a smart investment and make maintaining your home’s landscaping an easier task. Homeowners might be tempted to save money by installing an inground sprinkler system on their own. Depending upon your level of expertise and the size of your yard, a DIY project may or may not be advisable.

Truthfully, nothing impacts the lifespan of a sprinkler system more than the quality of the installation and components. There are plenty of  DIY sprinkler systems on the market. Despite all of the YouTube tutorials available, installing an inground sprinkler system is not as easy as you might think. It involves planning, taking accurate measurements and paying attention to a number of important factors such as sprinkler patterns to get the job done right. 

Inground sprinkler systems have a lot of components including pipes, sprinkler heads, valves, drains, electronic components and backflow preventers. If you aren't comfortable with digging up your yard, cutting and laying pipe and making plumbing and electrical connections, it's best to hire a professional. 

Aside from getting the job done quickly, working with a professional installer will ensure the job is done properly and meets all local code requirements. It will also ensure that your components are covered by a warranty. 

Selecting an effective inground irrigation system requires knowledge and planning. A professional installer will create an irrigation plan designed specifically for your yard and landscaping layout. They’ll take into account the topography, type of soil, water pressure requirements and other factors to develop the right plan for your particular landscape. They will also discuss your goals - in other words, your installer should help you plan for what will be growing in the future, not just what is growing today.

Trust the Plumbing Experts for Your Inground Sprinkler System

If you’re interested in exploring the benefits of an inground sprinkler system, call Simply Green Plumbing, Sewer & Rooter to schedule an appointment. We’ll carefully design and install an inground sprinkler system that meets your precise needs.

If you already have a sprinkler system installed, Simply Green can also service, maintain, or repair all brands.

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