8 Tips on Hiring a Professional Plumber

Your plumbing is one of the most important systems in your home or business. Whether you need new plumbing installed during a renovation or help with a plumbing emergency, it’s important to call an experienced professional to handle the job.

Due Diligence Is Key to Finding the Right Plumber

Many plumbing companies specialize in certain types of plumbing projects. Some base their business on emergency service calls while others prefer to handle new plumbing installations. Some specialize in commercial plumbing while others handle residential jobs. Larger plumbing companies often handle a wide range of both residential and commercial plumbing services. 

In almost every state, plumbers require a license and have different designations based on their amount of training and experience. Make sure you look for the right type of plumber for your particular project. For non-emergency plumbing services, such as a remodeling project or new construction, it's important to hire a professional who understands plumbing system design and the building codes in your specific location. 

When you need to hire a professional plumber, it pays to take your time and follow these suggestions:

  1. Ask for Recommendations and Do Some Research

    Ask friends, family, and neighbors for recommendations. Check with the Better Business Bureau for reviews and to see if any complaints have been lodged against plumbing companies you are considering. Verify that any contractor you are considering has a valid, active license in your state. 
  1. Get Several Estimates

    You should get several bids before selecting a plumbing contractor. A written estimate should include a detailed description of the work to be done, materials, completion date, and the total price. If a plumber tells you the rate is hourly, ask how long it should take to finish the job. An experienced plumber will be able to give an accurate time estimate for most common plumbing installations and repairs. 
  1. Be Careful Using Online Sources

    Many licensed plumbing contractors use social media sites to advertise. But many unlicensed contractors or contractors with previous problems turn up on these sites as well. Check out online reviews but don’t consider them sufficient for making a decision on who to hire. A reputable plumber will be happy to share the names and contact information of former customers so you can talk to them directly. 
  1. Ask Who Will Do the Work

    Don’t assume the person who gives you the estimate will do the work. Some plumbing companies have multiple plumbers on staff or hire subcontractors. Other plumbing companies have just a single plumber. Find out who will be doing the work and ask about their qualifications, training, and experience. A professional plumbing contractor will be happy to share this information.
  1. Ask If They Are Licensed

    Make sure any contractor you hire has a valid license to work in your state or municipality. Most states have plumber licensing requirements for journeyman and master plumbers. It’s important to hire a licensed plumber to ensure that plumbing repairs or installations are done correctly and meet local code requirements. 
  1. Ask for Proof of Insurance

    Hiring a plumber who is bonded and insured protects you against potential financial liability and poor workmanship. Insured means the company is covered by workers’ compensation in the event of an accident and bonded means that there’s money available to cover the cost of any claim filed by a customer. 
  1. Find Out What Guarantees They Provide

    Not every plumber offers the same guarantees or warranties on their work. If something goes wrong after the work is completed, some will agree to return and fix the problem within a certain timeframe. Others may have more exacting conditions on what they will replace or repair. Ask for a written guarantee or warranty before any work begins.
  1. Experience Matters

    No matter what type of contractor you hire, experience should always be an important factor in the decision-making process. An experienced plumbing company will be able to identify and repair most common plumbing problems quickly and efficiently. They’ll also have a good understanding of how to manage situations that are out of the ordinary. 

Hiring the right professional plumber can give you peace of mind knowing that your home or property is in safe hands. Don’t rush into hiring the first plumber you find, instead, take the time to research different plumbing companies, and check their credentials and references. 

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